Reviewing The Classic Fendi Dotcom Ruffle Replica Bag

Measuring 24 x 30 x 14 (H x W x D) cm ,the Fendi Dotcom Bag Outlet is back on the block but this time with more edge, sophistication and style.

It’s kind of brilliant – the front hole is made for attaching a pouch bag, which is included in the interior. There is also a front zip pocket and two internal patch pockets inside. And obvious, the bag is big enough to carry all your daily essentials.


It has a single leather top handle perfect for carrying it by the hand and a detachable leather shoulder strap if you feel like wearing it over your shoulder. The top zip closure on the other hand gives you easy access.

You might think it quite looks similar and resemble the original version but look again as this one comes with the ruffled details in front.


This Fendi Dotcom Ruffle Bag Store sure looks like the bag to beat. Stylish, funky and modern, this bag still has the same front hole for attaching included pouch but the ruffle detail on the front panel made all the difference.

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