Take The Pretty Givenchy Mini Bow-Cut Replica Bag Outside

Available in quite a huge variety of colours/finishes/leathers, the special Givenchy Mini Bow-Cut Bag Review is definitely an elegant bag, one that’s perfect for a night out in town or weekends spent cafe-hopping/and or shopping. Now for the sale bit. Not bad at all, you just have to like the leopard prints.


This Givenchy Mini Bow-Cut Bag Store isn’t exactly a new bag, it’s actually from Givenchy’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection, and because it’s already June, it’s probably already on sale but more on that later.


Simply known as the Mini Bow-Cut, the outline of the bag’s flap does indeed look like a bow that’s just cut on one side, accompanied with a rather chunky metal hardware sling and a clasp so complicated looking that even Jason Bourne will have difficulty opening it. But I jest, it’s simply a push-lock clasp that opens into a bag that measures 18 cm by 13 cm, which is not exactly big but would explain why the word ‘mini’ appears in front of the name.

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